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speeder scooter, three wheel drift scooter new fashion aodi sports

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AODI Kids Scooter Foldable Swing Wiggle Scooters Self Push Motion Speeder Outdoor Sports with Height Adjustable Handlebar for Kids Over 5 Year Older …

. It’s very beneficial for an effective whole-body outdoor exercise. Riding scooter can enhance your children's legs, the strength of body joints, especially for the idle kids who often stay at home.

2.Adjustable height system can easily adjust the height of the handlebars for an aim at practicing body balance of your growing child, as well for the adult.

3. The Child Scooter can be folded up into suitable size for convenient storage and transportation. The folding size is small enough to save space in your house.

4 The design of three wheels stabilize center of gravity and not easy to fall down. Give your child a safe entertainment.

5.Two rear wheels are equipped with skid-resistant rear cover to avoid the risk of injury at high speed


Small Style: 94*22.5*17cm (Pink and Blue) Ages 5 and over

Medium Style: 106*22.5*18cm (Green ,Pink,Black)Ages 7 and over

Big Style: 118*23.5*21cm 10.7KG (Black,White) Ages 9 and over

Package 1 * AODI Scooter 1 * English Manual 1 * Hex Wrench 1 * Cross Wrench 1 * Open Wrench

Kind Notes 1.Please check all bolts and components before using because the goods has been transported over long distances.

2.Children should be completed under the supervision of their parents when riding scooter for the first time.